Entries Are Now Closed for The 2011 ABAs

Entries for the 2012 ABAs will open in October 2011. In the meantime, we recommend you enter The International Business Awards - entries for the IBAs will be accepted through June 8 2011.

This is your entry kit for The 9th annual American Business Awards. This entry kit contains all the information you need to be able to prepare and submit entries. We recommend that you use the entry forms as reference and submit your entries online - it's very easy to do. Contact us - telephone (703) 547-8389, email info@stevieawards.com - with any questions about category selection, entry preparation or submission. Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can return to it easily.


Most organizations submit their entries directly through The American Business Awards web site at www.stevieawards.com/aba. It's very easy to do. The first step is to register. If you're ready to submit your entries, register now: Register

The first document that all prospective entrants should read is the 2011
Summary of the Rules & Regulations of the Competition.


If you're going to enter some of the categories for Marketing Campaigns and Marketing Professionals, Web Sites and Blogs, Live Events, Corporate Literature, Interactive Media, Video, or other forms of media, you'll need to review the following two forms:

Marketing, Web Sites, Video & Other Media Awards Categories: note that this document also lists the categories for live events and for literature such as brochures and annual reports.

Entry Cover Sheet: You'll use the cover sheet only if you need to submit your entry forms by mail or fax. Otherwise you can submit your entry information through the web site.

If you're going to enter any of the categories that recognize entire companies/organizations, departments, teams, individuals, or products and services, you'll need to review the following forms:

Company/Organization, Product, Management, Department, Team, and Individual Categories

Entry Cover Sheet: You'll use the cover sheet only if you need to submit your entry forms by mail or fax. Otherwise you can submit your information through the web site.

If you cannot access these files, contact us at info@stevieawards.com and we will fax or mail them to you.


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Summary of the results of the 2010 Awards

The Boards of Distinguished Judges & Advisors

Judging & Awards Process


Read the article "How to Submit Winning Entries" on our web Stevie Awards site for a summary of how to prepare and submit your entries.

Submit your entries by the entry deadline. You may submit your entries by mail or fax, but we encourage you to submit them directly through our web site - it's very easy to do. When you are ready to enter, you'll first need to register on the web site. To register, click here:


There's a second Stevie Awards competition, called The International Business Awards - the "International Stevies." The IBAs are open to all organizations worldwide, including those in the U.S.A..

Your organization is also invited to submit entries to the 2011 IBAs. Learn more about the IBAs at www.stevieawards.com/iba.