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Q&A With Daniel Fantasia, President & Founder of Treeline, Inc.
Case Study: Bridging the Digital Divide with One Laptop Per Child
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Daniel Fantasia won the Stevie Award for Best Executive in a Service Industry in The 2008 American Business Awards.

Daniel FantasiaWhat book are you currently reading
The Perfect SalesForce, by Derek Gatehouse.

What was the last movie you saw, and would you recommend it?
300 (Two-Disc Special Edition) , and yes!

What is your favorite sport or hobby?
Snow skiing.

Who is your favorite historical figure?
Abraham Lincoln, because of his ability to bring together so many different people with opposing viewpoints and work to a solution for the betterment of something larger than each one of them.

Who is your favorite living person?
I can't name a favorite.  There are too many people that I admire and respect to name only one as my favorite.

If you could choose another profession, what would it be?
Software sales.

What do you think is the worst bad habit to have at work?
Distraction—by co-workers, email, voicemail, the Internet, etc.

What quality or qualities do you most value in your business associates? Integrity, honesty, work ethic, and commitment.

Is there anything you'd like to improve about your own work practices?Search engine optimization. I believe the sales force paradigm has shifted and the traditional sales force of yesterday is outdated.  The future is for those companies that embrace how customers buy today and in the future.

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Racepoint Group, Inc., of Waltham, Massachusetts won a Stevie Award for Best Communications Campaign in the 2008 International Business Awards.  Here we look at that global campaign and find out what it achieved.

One Laptop Per ChildForty years ago, MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte had a dream about using technology to educate and empower children in order to make the world— particularly in developing nations—a better place.

In early 2005, Negroponte felt that technological barriers could be overcome, and so he launched One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), a non-profit organization to design, manufacture, and distribute low-cost laptop computers and to provide every child in the world access to new channels of learning and self-expression.

OLPC developed the OX, a small machine with a big mission. The XO is a potent learning tool designed and built especially for children in developing countries who live in some of the most remote environments. About the size of a small textbook, it has built-in wireless and a unique screen that is readable under direct sunlight for children who go to school outdoors. It is extremely durable, brilliantly functional, energy-efficient, and fun.

By late 2006, Negroponte realized that OLPC needed a global communications campaign to influence governments to commit to the program. Furthermore, as it became apparent that OLPC might actually succeed in delivering its low-cost OX laptop to one billion children, two computer industry giants began their own FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) campaigns to discredit OLPC and shut it down. Negroponte’s big dream was no longer viewed as one man’s pipe dream, but as a viral movement to be squashed.

SPACER SPACER Read the entire article

Blogs, or web logs, are all the rage these days. Each month in this space we'll point you to several blogs and web sites that we think might be of interest to you.

TED: Short for Technology, Entertainment, Design, the TED website showcases speakers at TED conferences aimed at bringing together people from those three worlds.
Matt Gaffney's Weekly Crossword Contest : Keep your brain nimble with this weekly brain teaser for puzzle experts.
Skip Barber Racing School : Driving schools, racing schools, and racing events around the country. Vrooml, Vroom!
Moments of Rest : Describing itself as an "unblog," this site is not about registering, rating, reacting or ranting. It exists to give you a moment of stillness each day. Perfect for the stressed-out CXO.

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